Bill bad for people with disabilities

Bill bad for people with disabilities

The inaptly named Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is a bad bill — and would be a bad law — for most Americans with disabilities.

One in five people has some sort of a disability.

The bill would put huge pressure to slash Medicaid, Medicare, Supplemental Security Income and other life-or-death protections for people with disabilities.

Why? Massive tax cuts for the wealthy individuals and corporations aren't free.

What's worse, the House version of the bill eliminates tax deductions for major medical expenses, tax credits for businesses that hire employees with disabilities and tax credits for businesses that make their businesses accessible.

The Senate version would repeal the individual mandate for health insurance.

The much (and wrongly) maligned mandate is a cornerstone of the Affordable Care Act, which blocks insurers from:

1) Refusing to cover people with pre-existing conditions.

2) And setting annual or lifetime coverage limits.

These are life-altering, life-threatening policy proposals — so people with disabilities and their allies won't be silent as it careens forward.