Rep. Davis votes against his district

Rep. Davis votes against his district

Rodney Davis voted for a tax bill that will immediately trigger a $25 billion cut in Medicare, if it becomes law. The last time similar cuts hit, in 2013, thousands of Medicare cancer patients were denied chemotherapy. Fortunately, it was a temporary problem then, but this time it would be permanent.

The bill doesn't spare the young and heathy. It includes enormous tax increases for graduate students, threatening to severely damage research and education at places like the University of Illinois.

As the huge deficits pile up from this giveaway to billionaires, much bigger cuts in education and health care will be inevitable. According to the Congressional Budget Office, 13 million Americans will lose health coverage altogether under the Republican "tax reform." The rest of us will see insurance bills go up even faster.

Why would a congressman vote for a bill that seems targeted to hurt his own district? We don't, after all, have a lot of ultra-rich and their heirs, the people who get big permanent tax breaks in the bill.

They may not live here, but their money does come here to Davis. As Davis' fellow Republican Chris Collins put it: "My donors are basically saying, 'Get it done or don't ever call me again.'"

Money talks, and Davis listens.