Trump continues with name calling

Trump continues with name calling

I don't believe the United States has ever had a more undignified president than the one we have now.

During the campaign, Trump liked to hang belittling names on anyone he disagreed with. There was: little Marco, lying Ted, low-energy Jeb and crooked Hillary.

In a recent ceremony to honor Navajo code talkers, Trump used the opportunity to belittle Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., with another of his titles: "Pocahontas."

Later the Navajo Nation came out to denounce this behavior.

How does this look to the world? Why do his followers think this behavior is acceptable?

Why would the Republican Party which liked to call itself the party of family values accept a candidate that cheated on his first wife to have an adulterous relationship with the future second wife? After six years he divorced the second wife and moved on to the third.

President Trump's comments about how women should be treated are well-documented and can't be repeated here because of their vulgarity. I can only assume his silence on the allegations of Roy Moore's sexual harassment is because Trump has allegations against him by 13 women.

Although I didn't agree with all the decisions that presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama made, I was proud of the relationships that they had with their wives and how they conducted themselves in public.

We need to know that our standing in the world has a lot to do with how our presidents conduct themselves.