Davis must reject Trump distortions

Davis must reject Trump distortions

U.S. Rep. Rodney Davis, R-Taylorville, had it right when he said, "Let's stand up to the hate on both sides. Let's stand up to the rhetoric that we see that leads to this polarization" (Fox News, June 18).

But when President Donald Trump retweeted images designed to polarize us, Rodney Davis was silent.

As Jesuit priest Father James Martin writes:

"It is disgraceful that President Trump has retweeted images of Muslims committing violent acts and desecrating Christian statues. You could just as easily find videos of Christians doing equally reprehensible acts. It is a base attempt to make Muslims into the 'other,' which is precisely the tactic taken by Nazis toward the Jews, and by all such regimes that seek to increase division and foment hatred. By making a person or group into the 'other' and further dehumanizing them, it makes exclusion of these groups, and violence against them, more 'acceptable' since they gradually come to be seen as not truly 'like us' or even truly 'human.'"

By ignoring incidents in which Christians commit violence and focusing on the incidents in which Muslims do, the president is engaging in hateful, misleading rhetoric. Muslims are peaceful U.S. citizens, and in 13th Congressional District, they are our friends and neighbors. Recognizing these facts builds and strengthens peace.

We need Rodney Davis to stand up against hateful, misleading rhetoric to make a safer, healthier district. In District 13, Muslims are also our fellow constituents, and we all sorely need Davis to be a man of his word.