Trump's behavior harms presidency

Trump's behavior harms presidency

U.S. Rep. Rodney Davis, R-Taylorville, needs to lead and call for the censure of President Donald Trump for behavior that demeans the presidency.

President Trump attacks CNN and other news media outlets because he does not like what they write. He has also called for a boycott of CNN. President Trump took an oath to uphold the Constitution which includes the First Amendment protection of the freedom of the press. Instead of protecting the press, he attacks it. His behavior is dangerous.

In addition, on Nov. 29 Trump retweeted false videos from a right-wing British website. These videos incite violence against Muslims. The British prime minister's office has said that President Trump was wrong to share these videos from a group that promotes lies.

We have a president who cannot discern truth from lies and so is dangerous to all American citizens. Further, he has damaged the standing of the United States among the nations of the world by his reckless behavior.

When he attacks the free press and at the same time promotes lies, we as a nation cannot attend to important matters. We have serious issues that need civil debate so we can work together.

I have often disagreed with Democratic and Republican presidents about policies and actions. Never before have I been ashamed of the president as I am of Donald Trump.

When he demeans the presidency, he demeans us all and our nation. Trump needs to be censured, now.