Question or need? Check out library

Question or need? Check out library

While the country is agonizing over tax reform, here's an example of our tax dollars being put to work for all of us.

It is the Urbana Free Library — the gateway to information access for young and old, people of every citizenship status, rich and poor, GOP and Dems and everyone in between.

The library can provide the latest mystery novel or audiotape, current community employment information, the Zombie Prom for teens, immigration services and referrals, family history or photos of your neighborhood, or finding a meeting space for your community group. Or even a free concert.

TUFL is bridging the growing gap between the information haves and have-nots.

If your family can't afford a guitar for your budding musician, you can borrow one at TUFL. Babies' Lap Time gives overwhelmed new parents a place to entertain their baby and connect with other overwhelmed parents.

If you have a question about tax reform, the library's professional reference staff will guide you to reliable, fact-based resources on all sides of the issue. No fake news at TUFL.

Your questions will be kept in strictest confidence and will not be judged.

Though "free" is in TUFL's name, nothing is. Our taxes pay for this precious resource.

U.S. libraries remain the envy of the world. Let's never take our libraries for granted.