Tax plan would harm child care

Tax plan would harm child care

As a parent with two young daughters, I know high-quality early childhood education and child care helps give kids a strong start in life. My girls were lucky; they had quality child care and early learning that prepared them for kindergarten.

But far too many kids, especially those living in poverty, miss out on this opportunity for a brighter future because of the soaring costs of child care.

The Senate recently passed its version of the tax reform bill and it's terrible for kids and families. Specifically, it causes a huge increase in the deficit, estimated at nearly $1.5 trillion, and will likely result in future cuts to programs for children both here at home, such as Head Start.

The bill will now move to a conference committee, where the House of Representatives and Senate will try to work out the differences in their bills. Fortunately, we still have a chance to stop the plan, which fails kids while special interests are rewarded with billions of dollars in tax breaks.

As reported in The News-Gazette, Congressman John Shimkus, R-Collinsville, will serve on this conference committee. It's critical that we urge him to oppose the tax bill, which does nothing new to help children attend high quality early learning programs and could lead to big cuts to crucial kids programs in the future.