It seems memory starting to fade

It seems memory starting to fade

It's often recognized that if two people observe an accident their accounts will differ. Then too, after a period of time, what they remember widens. Heck, even sometimes we forget what we had for breakfast.

Similarly, today's majority party members of Congress seems to have trouble remembering the events of the 2008 and 2009. The efforts of the majority party then were mercilessly denigrated on their attempts to prevent another Great Depression. Remember?

And the minority party leadership then, along with a couple loud-mouthed media types, even boasted that their goal was to see to it that the new administration would not prevail — remember? That's close to being un-American.

Now the table has turned. Today's majority party folks are harping that today's minority party folks are not going along with tweety bird's wild schemes. This might be expected to happen when a politician buys a way into office. It makes one wonder if, the next time around, our democratic process will see to it that a demagogue will not even become a candidate. Let's hope so for our country's sake.

Then too, people might remember that shortly after Jan. 2 tweety bird stated he'd be there for all people — whatever their bent.

Well, the Puerto Rican people are waiting for him to be there — instead of castigating them. So are the burned-out folks in California. We haven't heard or seen much aid to these people — maybe they are not bent the right way.

Anyway, these are some of this old guy's 2017 memories. I hope 2018 goes better for all of us.


White Heath