New law a decent measure for girls

New law a decent measure for girls

I was disappointed to read the negative reactions of several school leaders to the new law requiring schools to provide free feminine products in their bathrooms.

In case people don't realize, you do not know exactly when your period will start. I remember bleeding through my underwear and pants while sitting in class in high school and being scared people would notice the stain when I walked through the halls.

I remember awkwardly whispering to friends to see if they had an extra tampon. I remember making makeshift pads out of wadded up toilet paper.

I also remember being too embarrassed to ask to go to the nurse for the emergency stash of tampons in her office.

I personally would have appreciated access to a free tampon in the bathroom that I could have used discreetly in my moment of need.

Whether it is for the girl like me who has the dreaded realization that she is unprepared for the start of her period or for the girl who can't afford to buy a monthly supply of feminine products, I am pleased that our state has passed the Learn with Dignity Act.

I am happy that my taxpayer money will be used to provide products for students to hygienically deal with their periods at school just like it is used to provide free toilet paper for students to wipe their bottoms at school.

I hope others reflect compassionately on why this is a justified expense for our students.