Davis blind to Trump's crimes

Davis blind to Trump's crimes

In the Jan. 4 News-Gazette article, Rep. Rodney Davis, R-Taylorville, defends his party's alliance with President Donald Trump by saying "the American people wanted different." He would probably say the exact same thing if the Dragon Smaug were to swoop down on the helpless villages of central Illinois.

"Different" is a remarkably weak way of describing Trump's daily cruelty to his fellow Americans, shameless augmentation of his golden hoard, and reckless invitation of nuclear war.

In fact the majority of Americans did not vote for Trump, who decisively and clearly lost the popular vote. As Trump's crimes of money laundering, fraud, abuse of political office for private profit, obstruction of justice, and possibly treason come to light, Rodney Davis should be ready to defend the nation by impeaching the president.