Hess abounds in contradictions

Hess abounds in contradictions

As if Leonard Pitts' weekly negativity wasn't enough, now we have Elizabeth Hess' column complaining about and insulting conservatives.

Hess wrote that she will never vote for someone who isn't pro-choice, but she doesn't have the honesty to call this pro-abortion. She later writes that immunizations are critical to public safety and that whooping cough could cause damage to an unborn baby.

Which is it? Do the unborn deserve our protection or not?

Ironically, she states that if she wants medical advice, she will ask a nurse or doctor; yet her pro-abortion stance indicates a complete refusal to recognize medical facts.

After bemoaning the fact that her son was not accepted into a private grade school, she insults private school families on the assumption that all of them can afford uniforms and lunches and electronic devices. The private schools that my children have attended provide uniforms and lunches (as well as subsidized tuition) for anyone who needs them and we are among the families whose children do not have electronic devices.

Hess applauds Target for supporting transgenderism, stating that she wishes President Donald Trump were more inclusive. Is Hess' strident support of abortion on demand inclusive for the pre-born babies whose arms and legs are literally torn off in abortions? Is Hess inclusive when she insults all families who choose to support private education?

Hess thinks women's rights are under siege. What about the rights of all the female babies who are killed daily through abortion? Where are their rights?