Pot legalization devalues us all

Pot legalization devalues us all

In order to defend the legalization of marijuana, many have compared it to the use of alcohol. To me, that defense is like comparing apples to oranges.

The main difference between the two is one of choice, that is to say, my choice. If I sit near someone who is drinking alcohol, I am not directly affected by that behavior. However, if I sit near someone who is smoking marijuana, I am directly affected because the smoke from marijuana gives me no choice as to whether I want to breathe it or not.

In the use of alcohol and marijuana, there are innumerable factors that determine the level and nature of a reaction that may or could occur. Unfortunately, very few people are aware of their level of tolerance for either substance. Their first experience with either substance, especially marijuana, may be all that is needed to start him or her on the wrong road.

As a teacher, I saw far too many students tune out on life in general when they became hooked on addicting drugs. One of the first indications of drug use was a plummeting of grades and a general lowering of values and interest in learning anything.

As more states legalize marijuana, we will see this great nation decline in all areas of achievement. Historically, far more nations have destroyed themselves from within than have been vanquished by invading hordes.

Are we headed for self-destruction by legalizing a mind-controlling substance such as marijuana?