Prattle from local polysyllabic punk

Prattle from local polysyllabic punk

In his Jan. 27 letter to the editor, Mr. Eric Vimr says our president is fat, insults his wife's looks and then goes on to call anyone who doesn't agree with him deplorables who love exclusion, are racists and are misogynistic and vacuously stupid.

My oh my, it looks like the mean kid on the playground found a thesaurus.

What he doesn't do is make a single point or give any real reason to explain his blind hatred.

No substance, no thought — just a bunch of mean words (albeit some pretty big ones).

As I feel I have been personally attacked here for no real reason, please allow me to respond with an equally well-thought-out, reasoned and insightful argument:

Mr. Vimr, nanny nanny boo boo!