Tribe is needed for the Chief's return

Tribe is needed for the Chief's return

Illiniwek's descendants are represented today by the Peoria Indian Tribe of Miami, Okla.

The state of Oklahoma describes the lllini, who lived in the area of Illinois, as descendants of those who created the great mound civilizations 2,000 to 3,000 years ago.

The people of Illinois support the Chief mascot as emblematic of its history and Indian culture.

The NCAA has stated that it would keep an open mind on Chief Illiniwek.

Florida State University, with the help of its Gov. Jeb Bush and the Oklahoma Tribe of the Seminoles, was allowed by the NCAA to keep its Indian mascot and music.

The FSU case presents the template for any university to preserve its Indian mascot.

Therefore, the Peoria Tribe will have final say as to the Chief by adopting a dress and dance of the Woodlands' Indian Culture.

The Chief should be portrayed by a student from the Peoria Tribe and be provided with a full University of Illinois scholarship. The tribe should be granted one-half the royalties that are earned by the university from sales of Illini paraphernalia.

The Illinois State Board of Education and WILL-TV should prepare a semester program of Illinois history for all Illinois middle schools.

The Illinois Legislature should pass a resolution making Chief Illiniwek the official mascot of the University of Illinois.

Without Illiniwek, an important portion of Illinois history is all but forgotten.