Anderson has wide experience

Anderson has wide experience

In a race where experience counts, Sami Anderson rises above the status quo.

Much is being talked about with regards to the experiences needed to be a circuit judge in the race for the seat vacated by former Champaign County Judge Harry Clem, and Sami Anderson not only has the qualifications and experience needed, she raises the bar for everyone else.

If a candidate should have experience in practicing law in each of the counties they are running in: Sami Anderson does. If a candidate should have experience in a criminal law, family law, probate, small claims, civil and administrate law hearings: Sami Anderson does. If a candidate should be a true public servant: Sami Anderson is.

Sami Anderson has spent her entire career building a law practice that is different from those around her and one that is formed by the needs of those within her community.

Whether it is taking appointments from the court and not seeking payment from the county or from her pro bono work with those who do not qualify for services with Land Of Lincoln Legal Services, or being the go-to attorney for judges in the area, to ask questions about military veteran-related issues, she does so without a paycheck, an award or a need for acknowledgment.

Sami Anderson is what integrity in action looks like.

March 20 is the day when we as voters will have our voices heard when we vote for the most qualified, experienced candidate, Sami Anderson.