Cartoon false; editorial a joke

Cartoon false; editorial a joke

In the Jan. 29 edition, The News-Gazette published a local editorial cartoon depicting someone in a bathroom with a phone aimed at a young man using a urinal.

No one has any question what you're trying to suggest — that Jay Rosenstein was in that bathroom for some reason other than the one he was there for — to prove that the Chief who continues to perform at home games is being supported in some material ways, out of sight, by the University of Illinois.

That makes The News-Gazette cartoon just plain dishonest.

That's all I was going to write about until the hilarious editorial published Feb. 2 in which the editors acted like they're troubled that a politician would accept money from donors and then vote favorably for the donor.

Could the editors please share with their readers when they have raised this issue regarding the current occupant of the White House who refuses to show his tax returns, leaving us to question how much he is enriching himself by promoting his brand to governments who (possibly) then receive favorable treatment by his administration?