Davis buys into GOP's falsehoods

Davis buys into GOP's falsehoods

Conservatives, including Congressman Rodney Davis, have long believed that Hollywood has a liberal bias. That point can be debated and I can see both sides.

Lately, they've gone so far as to bring mainstream news into question. They claim that the New York Times is a purveyor of "fake news" and an enemy of the White House, never mind the trophy cases overflowing with Pulitzer Prizes or the outpouring of respect from journalists across the globe.

Rodney Davis and his extremist friends lately say "don't believe the scientists" when climate change is discussed and global, ignoring the fact that human impact on climate to some degree is not in dispute among the scientific community.

Today, Rodney Davis and the Republic Party jointly say "you can't trust the FBI" because they're just a bunch of liberals.

Rodney Davis, are you really asking me to believe that the New York Times, the entire scientific community, and the FBI (our nation's highest law enforcement agency) are out to get you and your new best friend Trump?

Sorry, Rodney, but you and your best friend are both full of it, and you will find out in November what your constituents believe about you.