Equal reporting on Rosenstein case

Equal reporting on Rosenstein case

I write to give some credit to The News Gazette for updating earlier news stories on the Jay Rosenstein case and presenting Professor Rosenstein's side of the story. I considered earlier coverage biased not only because they omitted his perspective, but also because they included the typically intemperate comments of John Bambenek on the University of Illinois faculty. With his inflammatory rhetoric and extreme "tea party" point of view, I fail to understand why Bambenek is so often the only "go to" person from among others on the Illinois Board of Higher Education when it comes to developments at the UI.

I was also gratified The News-Gazette ran an article on the AAUP investigation into the Rosenstein case. The words of the AAUP's representative challenge the university administration for its rush to disciplinary action against Rosenstein, as it violates standard due process protocols.

If the AAUP finds grounds for censuring the university administration for their actions, this will amount to the second AAUP censure in less than a decade. I hate to contemplate the damage to the UI's reputation that would follow.

A recent article in the New York Times concludes with the observation that both supporters and detractors of Rosenstein criticize the university administration for not taking more definitive actions to resolve ongoing conflicts over the Chief.

When exactly, for example, will the university advance the process of deciding on a new mascot for UI teams? Evidence exists to suggest that this is one way of moving past contention and confrontation.