Service-oriented Jones worth vote

Service-oriented Jones worth vote

I've lived in Champaign for 12 years. My husband's from here, we're both University of Illinois graduates, and we're raising our kids just blocks from their grandparents. We love it here, and we're proud of our community.

We take elections seriously because we know that what happens locally, in Springfield or in Washington affects us back home. We've watched with disappointment as Congressman Rodney Davis avoids his constituents in favor of chasing money and donors. It's wrong, but he doesn't know anything else: His only jobs have been in politics.

We need a change.

That's why my family supports Erik Jones for Congress. Erik is a proud seventh generation Illinoisan. When he graduated from Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville and planned his future, he didn't think about power and politics, he thought about service.

Erik went to law school, but he didn't use his degree to make as much money as possible; he used it to make as much of a difference as possible. As an Illinois assistant attorney general, Erik took on big banks and protected workers' pay. When victims of Hurricane Katrina survived the storm only to put their kids to bed in toxic trailers, Erik uncovered FEMA's willful negligence and made it right.

Most recently in private practice, Erik helped U.S. companies respond to data breaches from foreign hackers. Erik's core values are service to his neighbors and fighting for what's right. Those are 13th Congressional District's values, and that's why we're voting for Erik Jones this March.