Why hasn't Rosenstein apologized?

Why hasn't Rosenstein apologized?

The statements from Professor Jay Rosenstein and his supporters are perplexing to me.

The evening of the incident, Jan. 22, I speculated he must not have known where he was; maybe he had a lapse in judgement when he walked into that restroom — video recording with his phone— without regard to who might have been inside.

I was surprised to hear him admit he knew exactly what he was doing but justified his illegal actions by saying it was an investigation of State Farm Center employees.

Why hasn't Rosenstein shared the results of his investigation? Is it because he doesn't want to reveal there weren't any State Farm Center employees present? I was there, I know. (SFC employees have never assisted in Chief appearances; they remain professional, showing no bias.)

When Rosenstein saw no employees inside, why didn't he do the civil thing — apologize and leave? Instead he continued into the room, camera focused on my son. Why hasn't he acknowledged wrongdoing or made an attempt to apologize to the public or to us privately?

I'm concerned about several recent events in the community. Rosenstein and others have made it clear they have no respect for the law, civility or anyone who has a differing opinion from theirs. I hope everyone can see that if we don't hold them accountable, we are enabling these illegal, uncivil, elitist behaviors.

I look forward to the results of the University of Illinois' investigation. Until then, I find myself constantly looking backward — over my shoulder — whenever I enter a restroom.


Rural Ivesdale