Young adults must get out and vote

Young adults must get out and vote

We have a problem: 18-24 year old's are not turning out to vote. I am sorry to see this, as a member of this age bracket.

We are fortunate enough to live somewhere where we have the opportunity to vote and have our voices heard. Many young people are not taking advantage of this right. They may not even be able to sometimes.

A large part of this issue is that young people often don't have the knowledge, resources or capability to vote. A lot of young voters aren't even registered. This leads to low turnout and, in turn, politicians snubbing issues pertaining to young people.

Young people's voices need to be heard, especially as they will be the main ones reaping the benefits or drawbacks of many decisions being made right now. This is why we need to work with young people on campuses and all over the state to ensure that they have everything in place to turn out and vote, both for the upcoming primaries and in November for the midterm elections.

Every citizen deserves to be heard, and people in this age bracket are no exception. It is critical to act now, with elections right around the corner.

I encourage everyone to get involved and ensure a large and equal turnout across the state.