Are those really accomplishments?

Are those really accomplishments?

Like many Republicans, including Donald Trump, letter writer R. Stan Marsh states that the president has accomplished more in a year than President Barack Obama in eight without giving examples to support that.

Let me help. Trump named a Supreme Court justice. Oops, Obama named two. Trump signed a large tax cut, but then Obama signed a tax cut for the middle class in his first year also. Granted, Trump's is a permanent cut for large corporations and the wealthy, which Obama's was not. Trump signed several executive orders, but since Republicans (even Trump) hated executive orders when Obama signed them, I doubt he refers to that.

So, while I agree with R. Stan Marsh in his statement, I doubt we would reference the same "accomplishments."

Trump has removed many regulations, but since several protected our air and water from contamination and others protected employees in the workplace, I would not deem these as accomplishments to gloat over.

Trump has certainly done more than Obama to demonstrate the vital necessity for the independence of the Department of Justice, including the FBI. He has shown us that competence and experience does matter; as an example, check out some of his nominations for federal judges and other government offices that have had to withdraw their nominations.

His White House has often demonstrated how useful spell check can be — State of the "Uniom" anyone?

Trump has done much to empower women, convince them to vote and even run for office. For this, I applaud him.