How would a wall make U.S. better?

How would a wall make U.S. better?

I am sick of all the mudslinging I read and hear about. Sometimes outside influences do affect our lives. But mostly it's ourselves to blame. Our own choices mostly decide where we go. Yes, I also am guilty of mistakes.

I understand our country's already deep in debt. We cannot help our poor and needy; so to solve our problem, our "hate" says we should build a "big beautiful wall." Cost? Millions, billions, trillions of dollars the people of the U.S. will pay for. That would solve all our problems?

Please explain to me how it works? Lots of walls, fences and barriers have been built in this world. Over centuries. Few have worked. Determination has broken through them all. I hear even the sound barrier got busted.

Americans work together. Calm ourselves. Stifle our hate. And greed. Try to make ours a better world.