Letter to the Editor | Where is writer's compassion?

Letter to the Editor | Where is writer's compassion?

Bill Denny's letter of Feb. 5 is one solid reason I remain agnostic. He is certainly to be applauded for his volunteer work. But the amplitude with which he presents his resume sounds boastful and self-righteous.

It also makes me wonder, does he only serve Christians?

Biblical quotes can be useful for many purposes, but his inclusion of John 3:16 and the closing sentence in his letter make me question his true compassion. Does he really believe that anyone other than a true believer in his God should burn in hell? Do I not deserve moral consideration as a human being if I'm suffering, or if I'm just OK? Is all the rest of humanity evil and not deserving of compassion?

If his God is better than my God (or lack thereof), where does that get us? I appreciate the sincerity of his beliefs, and that he's probably praying for me as he reads my letter. And I certainly don't intend to shush him or call him names.

But his views of the role and practice of religion simply don't work for me. I'm an American fair and square. He writes as if he wants to deprive me of my rights to seek my own means of comfort and relief from my suffering. That sounds like sharia to me.