Negative reporting on UI salaries

Negative reporting on UI salaries

I challenge this paper to publish its salary data as it did for the University of Illinois on Feb. 4. Is there equity in your payroll?

Do Julie Wurth and Natalie Wickman make as much as Jim Dey or Tom Kacich? What about your top executives? Is there a huge wage gap between them and your clerical staff? What kinds of raises have been doled out at the various levels and how often?

Perhaps your bylines should include the writer's salary since you seem to always publish the salary of any UI employee who winds up in a negative news story. What does their salary have to do with the story other than to incite vitriol among your readers?

Instead of printing salaries, why don't you focus on how the UI has had to find ways around consistently shrinking state taxpayer support in order to continue to be a world-class institution? Instead of criticizing high-paying jobs, focus on the economic impact it brings to this area.

Inspire your readers to get an education and land these kinds of good paying jobs rather than criticizing folks who spent a decade or more to get a doctorate and lead world-changing research. Celebrate rather than tear down this institution that keeps Champaign-Urbana from being repressed Midwestern towns like Danville and Decatur.

And while I'm criticizing, get rid of Scott Richey's sports report card. It's demoralizing for the programs struggling to rebuild. Your coverage of the UI: D-.

How does that make you feel?