Parties should pay for primaries

Parties should pay for primaries

It's closing in on that time again. What time, you ask. Time for Illinois to pay for two private elections. Two private elections, you ask?

Yes, two private elections. The Democrat and Republican primaries. But those aren't private, you claim.

Yes, they are. The Democrat and Republican primaries are closed elections in the state. You can only choose one ballot.

What if I want to vote in the primary for Jane Smith (R) for Treasurer and Marty Johnson (D) for county clerk? I can't. The private election that the Democrats and Republicans are getting the state to pay for won't let me.

If you want to be an election judge, you have to represent one of the two parties and are paid for your services.

Paid $200 currently for working Election Day. Champaign County is putting up over $100,000 just to pay the judges. I wonder what that total is statewide?

Plus, they are either renting or otherwise putting up space for the election to be held. Lots of churches being used; I'm surprised no one has filed a lawsuit.

Why are the state and local governments paying for private elections?

If the Democrats and Republicans want to have private elections, then they should run and pay for them themselves. Why are my tax dollars being wasted on their private elections?

So either the primaries in the state need to be single-ballot open elections, or the political parties need to start running and paying for them.