Wrong statements on CCNH details

Wrong statements on CCNH details

I take issue with much of Belden Fields' guest editorial about Champaign County Nursing Home in the Feb. 4 News-Gazette.

Although it is commonly misconstrued and misunderstood, the vote Mr. Fields referenced was not a vote to sell the Champaign County Nursing Home. The vote is better described as gauging interest to determine the county's options.

Mr. Fields called out The News-Gazette and county board member Pattsi Petrie for an "onslaught of negativity" about the home. As someone who attended the monthly nursing home board of directors meetings for years, I disagree with both characterizations.

I actually hold our local paper somewhat responsible for not accurately reporting the level of incompetence displayed and permitted over multiple contract renewals by the former management company of the nursing home.

As for Petrie, as a family member of a resident at CCNH, I can attest that she is far and away the most knowledgeable, active and involved county board member when it comes to the nursing home. She votes the way she has based on knowing the situation so well.

Mr. Fields and others have brought up possible reductions in quality of service if the home is sold to a for-profit entity. Sadly, I consider that a given. That is why a nonprofit nursing home is such a treasure.

While I'm a huge fan of our county nursing home and consider it a public good, voters have now twice rejected increasing taxes to help subsidize the home. Nearing $6 million in debt, what is Fields' proposed solution?