Maybe a parade isn't a bad idea

Maybe a parade isn't a bad idea

Who doesn't love a parade? Now President Donald Trump wants to hold the biggest military parade ever. He wants to honor the military, much like the parade he saw in France on Bastille Day.

He seems to be enamoured with military types. Fortunately, he surrounds himself with generals and former generals who spend their days trying to keep him out of controversial situations with limited success.

I am not sure when or where he would hold his parade, but I can't see the streets of Washington, D.C., holding up to a 70-ton tank. The Congress is appropriating more money to the Pentagon. I am sure it was not the intention of Congress to waste it on a big show to try and intimidate a North Korean dictator.

This money could be better spent on some veterans programs that would help the many injured vets and PTSD victims.

If he does pull it off, I guess he could wear one of those commander-in-chief costumes while he reviews thousands of troops who aren't already deployed somewhere else.

On the other hand, seeing the president actually honoring the troops might be better than seeing him spend Memorial Day or Veterans Day in a red Make America Great Again hat and a white polo shirt chasing a golf ball on one of his golf courses.


Rural Tolono