Bipartisanship can save public lands

Bipartisanship can save public lands

Political divides in this country are numerous, bitter and seemingly unsolvable. But within the narrowing margins of sane discourse, there is opportunity to take bipartisan action on a shared American value — the protections of our national monuments.

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke has proposed decreasing the size of at least four monuments, unnecessarily exposing them to increased exploitation and the despoiling of their archeological and spiritual significance.

Threatened sites in southeast Utah alone encompass over 3 million acres. As the former communications director for U.S. Rep. Tim Johnson, I visited the region a few years ago in furtherance of our efforts to pursue bipartisan open-lands legislation to protect this natural beauty.

The opportunity still exists. Please urge U.S. Rep. Rodney Davis and our other congressmen to protect our monuments and honor the legacy of Theodore Roosevelt to keep our national treasures intact and unblemished.


Rural St. Joseph