What to do about the next Cruz

What to do about the next Cruz

I guess I can understand why the main thing we're talking about, following the Parkland, Fla., shootings, is gun control. I'd like to suggest something additional that might be worthy of our energy and attention.

I just wonder if anyone has looked into the face of the accused shooter, Nikolas Cruz — he is a little boy, in so many respects — to see the misery and fear of a young child.

This is not to excuse his horrible actions. He is a murderer.

But do we wonder what we might have done for his birth mom — who must have been in her own kind of despair, once upon a time — that would have prevented a killer from being shaped and unleashed on the children of Parkland? Do we wonder what we might have done for the little boy this murderer once was?

He pulled the trigger. He is responsible. I know that.

Can we also imagine him as a crying baby? Should any of our energy go toward looking after crying babies like him, and the despairing mothers who birth them and then lose them?

Do we know such a baby, or such a mother, in our own backyards? Could we do something now — way ahead of time — that might just bend the trajectory of their lives toward good?