Another kind of Lenten fasting

Another kind of Lenten fasting

Millions of Christians are currently celebrating Lent — a time of preparation for Easter through prayer, repentance and fasting over 40 days.

This year Lent coincides with 40 Days for Life, an international prayer collaboration focused on help and healing for all affected by abortion.

However, fasting can also be a component. Many people fast from chocolate and meat to help their individual spirituality, but we can also fast from apathy and indifference.

Both pro-life and pro-choice supporters can be apathetic when it comes to abortion. More pro-life supporters could consider what they can do to help those considering abortion to realize they have other options.

More pro-choice supporters could consider how we define humanity. Should smaller adults or less intelligent teenagers be killed since they are smaller or less developed than others? Should people with heart disease, diabetes or Alzheimer's be killed since they depend on medicine or others to survive?

Fasting from apathy and indifference could be the difference between life and death for future generations.

Many people wouldn't choose abortion themselves, but are apathetic about others choosing abortion.

If I swing my arm and hit someone, should others ignore the harm I am causing to someone else?

My rights end where someone else's rights begin. If I see someone harming someone else, should I remain indifferent or should I speak out? If you are the person being harmed, what would you prefer?

Fast from apathy and indifference this Lent.