Lack of God leads to horrible crimes

Lack of God leads to horrible crimes

It appears that most crimes today are committed by young teenagers. The newspapers constantly have stories of school-age children committing crimes, including the Florida school killing.

This should not surprise anyone. What else would you expect when the schools are constantly telling the children that God did not create them, but a word called "evolution" created them and that there are no absolute morals and no God to answer to and that we are no different than animals?

Because the story of evolution has now been debunked and proven to be a lie and is utterly impossible to occur, the only way possible to teach that story is to use only fraud and deception. There is no honest statement that can be used to teach that fairy tale story.

Nobody should keep their mouths shut about this horrible crime against our children. We need to teach our children godly morality instead of relative morality. With evolution being impossible, the only alternative is that we were created, which the Bible shows us.

Guns do not decide to kill people, only people decide to kill. Criminals will always be able to get guns and will be less afraid to use them if the victims are disarmed.