Services not as costly as mass killings

Services not as costly as mass killings

Common sense gun laws are important and I hope the proposed changes become law.

Can we do more? Can we help children, exposed to trauma, come through unscathed?

Can we do research to learn why children become so angry, so alienated that they pick a gun intent on killing?

Can we bring back school social workers, counselors, nurses to help children learn to handle the trauma in their lives?

Can we reinstate the school programs that gave many an outlet for their frustrations — recess, the arts and field trips?

Can we provide well-baby services, social workers or nurses who stop by the home in those traumatic first months to check on the welfare of the family?

Yes, we can. But will we?

These changes are expensive, but housing someone in prison is more expensive.

Most expensive of all: failing a child in pain and creating a mass murderer.