Wealthy politicos loom over Illinois

Wealthy politicos loom over Illinois

As Illinois' primary election draws near, it is becoming more apparent that the single biggest election issue is who has the most money.

The Republican biggest money candidate is our current governor, Bruce Rauner. He has his one vast fortune as well as the financial backing of the Koch brothers. The News-Gazette, knowing this, has backed him as their Republican candidate, disregarding his poor record as governor the past four years.

By the way, Gov. Rauner was selected as the worst governor in the U.S.

The front-runner in the Democratic Party is J.B. Pritzker; he leads both Chris Kennedy, picked by The News-Gazette as their choice as Democratic candidate, and Daniel Biss, who talks out of both sides of his mouth and flows with the wind whichever way it blows.

Pritzker is wealthy also and has the most money of the Democratic candidates, and that is the reason why the Rauner campaign continues to run negative TV ads against him and none against Kennedy or Biss. Rauner doesn't want to have to face Pritzker's money in the general election.

So with unlimited money, gerrymandering and TV star power, our candidate choices for office are not always the best qualified to serve the people.