Board addressed building earlier

Board addressed building earlier

What was the point of the March 4 News-Gazette editorial claiming that the Unit 4 school board and Superintendent Susan Zola were unethical in their proceedings?

Did anyone look a the minutes of the Nov. 13 board meeting where the board engaged in a full discussion of the purchase of a building on Windsor Road for 75 staff, who would by necessity be displaced from Columbia School, so that Dr. Howard students could be taught in Columbia?

I take great offense to an editorial that needlessly stirs the pot and engages in language, such as calling board members "shills," using muckraking terms such as "mendacious secrecy," "astounding blindness" and "glaring absence."

I expect The News-Gazette editors to get the facts right. Dr. Zola and the board had a public meeting on this issue Nov. 13. Shame on the editors for not doing their homework.