Arming-teacher story was biased

Arming-teacher story was biased

This is in response to Jeff D'Alessio's biased article about arming teachers in schools.

First, to the author himself, arming teachers in schools is hardly a knee-jerk reaction. What has been done to prevent school shootings, or at least minimize their destruction up to now? Hardly anything.

This is simply one idea of several that hasn't been given a fair chance. Most progressives live off ideas that are untested and yet are usually hailed as some great hope because the idea came from a leftist Ph.D.

And second, in response to Mr. Behrends, the career social-studies teacher, his need for his views about the life or death safety of his students, to line up with his students, is foolish. He, along with all the other teachers and administrators, are supposed to be the adult thinkers in this situation.

This is not a research experiment, it's not a matter of what a bunch of wet-behind-the-ears students feel about the issue. It's a matter of grown-up people making tough choices to save lives.

Wailuku, Hawaii