Pattsi Petrie seeks sensible solutions

Pattsi Petrie seeks sensible solutions

We urge election of incumbent Pattsi Petrie to the Champaign County Board, representing District 6, in the Democratic Primary.

Petrie's distinguished background as an urban planner and long involvement in our community are irreplaceable benefits.

Long before running for the County Board, she helped establish PACA — Preservation and Conservation Association — and worked with Champaign to stop the flooding of her neighborhood.

Pattsi is devoted to our community's welfare, regardless of contrary pressure from special interests. She frequently attends all manner of local gatherings, and this civic engagement keeps Pattsi available to county residents.

We are fortunate to have Petrie's reality-based, financially responsible approach to county issues and her successful bipartisan approach to solutions.

While some may prefer wishing away the somber reality of the grave issues confronting the County, Petrie's positive actions speak volumes.

Specifics can be found in the March 1 News-Gazette editorial endorsing Pattsi's re-election.

Petrie worked on behalf of a short-term quarter percent sales tax increase to maintain all county facilities in 2016. This would have put $4.5 million annually in the general fund, thereby relieving pressure on the Champaign County Nursing Home.

The very people who continue to proclaim their loyalty to the nursing home with pious-sounding empty slogans are the people who led the fight against the sales tax increase, when that was the only way of saving the nursing home.

Please stand up for Pattsi, the qualified, no-nonsense candidate; she stands up for you.