Study up, then get to polls to vote

Study up, then get to polls to vote

Democrats and Republicans, let's get out and vote. The well-being of our country depends on it.

The gender and ethnicity of a candidate are not critical. However, there are a number of characteristics and positions that a candidate must meet to win my vote.

The candidate must demonstrate he/she recognizes the importance of science and data in making public policies, demonstrate honesty in their business and personal relationships and make a commitment to reducing corruption (swamp) in our government.

He/she also needs to oppose white supremacy, pedophilia, predatory practices against women and discriminatory policies against minorities, immigrants, women and the disabled.

In addition, there are additional issues especially important in this election:

— Health care: Is he/she committed to supporting universal access to quality medical services, including mental health, regardless of income?

— Voting: How does he/she encourage broad participation of voters?

— Gun violence: Is he/she committed to reducing gun violence?

— Education: Does he/she favor high-quality and free pre-kindergarten-to-college education regardless of income?

— Income inequality: Does he/she have proposals for reducing income inequality in our country?

— Environment: Does he/she have proposals for improving the quality of our air, land and water, and the expansion and maintenance of public parks?

Now, identify what kind of government you would want for our country, and get out and vote.