Support for Solon House humbling

Support for Solon House humbling

I appreciate everyone who has left supportive and encouraging comments about my purchase of the Solon House.

I am a little overcome, and humbled, by the number of people who have been kind enough to wish me well.

Really though, praise must go not to me, but to PACA — Preservation and Conservation Association — and the dozens of people who put in the hard work to make the house a Champaign Landmark, get it on the Federal Register of Historic places, and apply for and successfully receive the two state of Illinois grants that paid for all the work that has been put into stabilizing the structure.

Had it not been for them, the house would not be here today.

Nevertheless, it means an awful lot to me to feel such goodwill from my adopted hometown. I hope I will not disappoint, and that my efforts will go some way to making our community truly proud that this beautiful and elegant property has been declared a Champaign Landmark.