Blow some other issue out of proportion

Blow some other issue out of proportion

Please stop covering anything about the Chief. Twenty-plus years living in Champaign and my head explodes with every new Chief headline. Some grown-ups made a decision a long time ago, and a tiny minority can't find another hobby. So another smaller few, overly righteous watchdogs can't lay down their swords and retire to some quiet meadow.

The Chief, Cleveland Indians, Washington Redskins, Atlanta Braves and other similar logos reflect the racially insensitive past. Admission is the first step on a long trek of redemption. Frankly, I am amazed the Fighting Irish still exists. Communities will do better and evolve, showing more respect to all, eventually.

So what if Chief-ers won't let go. Can't change minds with a mandate. UI administration showed growth. They began a long journey of building respect. Alumni attitudes can't be legislated, and that's their right, too.

Stop picking at this wound.

Chief-ers are stuck in the past. Don't give them ink by following them into a public restroom with your camera phone. Seriously, connecting the words "camera" and "public restroom" didn't kick in some amount of common sense. The restroom filming was a new low. If you want respect, show it.

Anger. Denial. Bargaining. Depression. Acceptance. This issue is well past the acceptance stage. I am well past my patience with both sides of this bad penny. Blow some other issue out of proportion, like ... um ... streetlights or potholes or tenure. Touch gloves and come out ranting.