Plan in place for new charter school

Plan in place for new charter school

The African-American community in Champaign is very concerned about the declining academic performance of a number of their children. They have put together a plan for a charter school, the North Champaign Academy (NCA), to provide a hands-on, multidimensional approach to education for low-income, low-achieving K-5 students.

The NCA would involve ongoing active participation by school personnel and also by students' parents or guardians to guide growth in academic as well as social, behavioral and other interconnected areas.

The current primary education system is not working for a number of low-income children in Champaign, much as it may not have worked for their parents. This pattern of undereducation that perpetuates underachievement and poverty must be broken.

The Champaign School Board should support the development of this new school and offer help to make it happen. This can work and work well if relevant parts of the community work together.