Campaign-funding rules need updates

Campaign-funding rules need updates

Our electoral process in this country has become a huge joke. Candidates are either extremely wealthy and use their own funding or they are funded by PACs that were created to get around the usual rules on contributions. I would propose a few new rules for funding campaigns.

The first would place a limit on how much money a candidate could personally contribute to his or her own campaign.

The second would forbid candidates at all levels from accepting contributions from anyone who is not a citizen residing within the boundaries of the district in which the candidate is running for office.

Presidential candidates would be able to accept donations from all U.S. citizens.

Gubernatorial candidates, other statewide office candidates and U.S. Senate candidates would be able to accept contributions from all citizens of the state where they are running.

All other candidates for office would have much smaller geographical areas from which they would be able to accept contributions.

The third would be a reversal of the U.S. Supreme Court ruling that allowed the creation of Super PACs.

With these rules in place, we should be able to have candidates for office who listen to their constituents, instead of the big money that comes from places other than the geographical district they hope to represent.