Letter to the Editor | Let's see true cost of Danville project

Letter to the Editor | Let's see true cost of Danville project

Tracy Crane wrote nice articles earlier this month about the city of Danville development deal that might be approved today.

The city purchased some properties at the corner of Vermilion and Fairchild for $328,000. The city is willing to sell the properties to a developer for the $328,000 they have invested. The city also must pay $24,000 for asbestos removal.

It would appear that Danville will only be out the $24,000, but what they are not counting is the cost for the demolition with city crews and equipment. I am not counting the labor expense since the operators and truck drivers are city employees who could be working on other projects anyway.

Why Danville doesn't consider this demolition as an expense is curious. The cost for fuels, insurance, equipment depreciation, dump fees, inspection and possibly granular fill will be paid one way or another, no matter which account it comes from.

Since the city began buying equipment to perform in-house construction, there are fewer small contractors that could do these projects.

When I was elected an alderman in 1987, I told the council that there was not one project that a municipal body could perform that a private contractor could not build at a lower price.

When Danville has to replace big equipment and trucks, I hope the council will realize what the true costs are for a construction or demolition project.