Letter to the Editor | Weighing in after prof's statements

Letter to the Editor | Weighing in after prof's statements

Professor Rochelle Gutierrez made statements implying that she believes white students do well in math because of white privilege, and an opinion in The News-Gazette referred to her being "targeted" by TPUSA and Campus Reform's website.

A few months ago, the UIUC chapter president of TPUSA was targeted by leftists who wanted to impeach him on the grounds of his conservative political beliefs.

There are rumors, which I am inclined to believe, that students are discriminated against in the grading of papers if said papers contain ideas to the right of Stalin's.

While we are on the topic of racial discrimination, I think it is important to point out that UIUC offers scholarships that are only available to "minority" racial groups, "racial minority" being political correctness newspeak proxy for "non-White."

Someone working at a university that employs so many BDS antisemites would hardly have the moral authority on racial discrimination according to the social justice warrior concoction of "guilt by association" anyway.