Letter to the Editor | Students disrupt their classmates

Letter to the Editor | Students disrupt their classmates

I'm writing to express my concern that students' outrageous behaviors in grade schools are conflicting with other students' learning.

Students who present poor behaviors and disrupt classrooms make it difficult for other students to learn and get proper instructions and for instructors to teach.

Chen and Dornbusch, from an article titled "Can We Predict Disruptive School Behavior?", state that "Students with high educational expectations and a high level of school engagement have lower levels of deviant behavior than students with low expectations and engagement."

Parents, guardians and school administrations must input positive behavior interventions for these expectations and engagements for misbehaved students so that no child is left behind.

I am a former grade school student who has experienced being in a class with students who disrupted the entire class and having it affect my learning process. I have recently witnessed the same thing happen to our younger generation while volunteering at a grade school.

These outrageous behaviors of being disobedient, causing trouble and harm to fellow classmates, damaging school property, and being verbally and physically disrespectful makes me concerned. Each student deserves the equal and proper education as promised by school officials.

I urge parents, school officials and school faculty members to get more involved with students who possess poor behavior quality in their classrooms so that it can be resolved. Some children who act out have reasons behind it and may have special needs or need special attention.