Letter to the Editor | A memorable example of hate

Letter to the Editor | A memorable example of hate

Rodney Davis blames "vitriol," which is defined as savagely hostile comments or criticisms, for not meeting with constituents who might disagree with him, yet the only vitriol I've experienced in a Davis meeting came from him.

Last October, he had one of his "office hours" in Monticello. It was very cold and few people chose to attend, knowing they would have to stand outside waiting for their turn.

I was among the last and was ushered into wait with another woman while the delegation before us concluded their turn with Rodney.

We were just in time to see Rodney being handed one of the "Hate Has No Home Here" signs, which can be seen in many yards in our area.

Rodney came up out of his chair, red-faced and angry, pushing away the sign. He said he would have "no political signs" in his office. The woman said, "It's not political, it's just against hate," but Rodney was having none of it.

He kept angrily pushing the offending sign away. He was saved by an aide who calmly said he'd take it.

My conclusion was that hate had indeed found a home.