Letter to the Editor | Pregnancy centers offer resources

Letter to the Editor | Pregnancy centers offer resources

This is National Women's Health Week. During this time, women are encouraged to take steps to improve their health, including avoiding unhealthy behaviors.

One clear unhealthy behavior is choosing to have an abortion. It is obviously unhealthy for all of the female babies whose lives are terminated as they won't have the opportunity to grow up to become women.

About 3,000 pre-born babies lose their lives to abortion every single day in the U.S. and about 50 percent of them are female.

It is unhealthy for the women who choose to have an abortion as many of them will suffer trauma from this experience. Many will also suffer depression, addiction, an increased risk for breast cancer and many other health challenges. And some women who choose to have a legal abortion will die from medical consequences such as hemorrhaging.

There are 3,000 pregnancy centers nationwide that help women. National Women's Health Week is a good time for women and men to learn about these resources including those in our own area.

These pregnancy centers help women to learn healthy behaviors for themselves, their children and families. Pregnancy centers provide maternity and baby clothes, diapers, ultrasounds, parenting classes, adoption assistance and the knowledge that support is available and people care. Parenting classes address a range of issues, including nutrition, child safety, budgeting, etc.

People who care about women's health need to speak out against abortion and help women to become better informed about pre-natal development and the many adverse consequences of abortion.