Letter to the Editor | Human-rights injustice ignored

Letter to the Editor | Human-rights injustice ignored

In a recent letter to the editor entitled "Trump's remark was offensive," the Jewish author criticized President Trump calling violent MS-13 gang members animals because Jews were similarly dehumanized and legally exterminated in Germany.

God forbid, LeRoy has a deadly encounter with MS-13 and learns too late that the president's remark was accurate.

If leaders of the free world had denounced Hitler's killing machine and condemned the Nazi party's systematic torture and murder of innocents, fewer minorities would have died in the Holocaust.

Instead, heads of state remained silent and disinterested, refusing to bomb train tracks leading to Auschwitz, and turning away ships filled with Jews fleeing genocide to face extermination in the gas chambers back home.

Abortion advocates systematically dehumanize unborn children by calling them inhuman, growths, blobs of tissue, parasites and garbage.

Refusing to acknowledge the scientific fact that unborn children are living human beings, 60 million innocent children in the U.S. have died from legal extermination since 1973 — including 15.5 million blacks, 780,000 Jews and a disproportionate number of Hispanics and other minorities.

These children were starved, poisoned, burned, dismembered, and partially born then murdered by cranial puncturing — all without anesthesia — and many were born alive and left to die.

That this has happened in America and continues today, is extremely offensive, an immense human rights injustice, and the real threat to the lives of millions of minorities.


Jewish Pro-LifeFoundation