Letter to the Editor | Let's put an end to the madness

Letter to the Editor | Let's put an end to the madness

"That the King is insane is now old news," Thomas Paine wrote to Thomas Jefferson in 1788.

Twitter outbursts announcing trade wars with allies, racist dog-whistles toward NFL players, using his power to enrich his own family business and now claims that he could pardon himself (but won't) have all the makings of a mad king. And it is, indeed, very old.

"He yet continues in the same state," Paine wrote, "and the Parliament are on the business of appointing a Regent."

Perhaps in 18th-century England, Parliament didn't have much power to stop the king's ravings, but that is what this country had recently been founded on.

Rep. Rodney Davis could be a check on madness from a wannabe king but has been a rubber stamp for Trump's policies more than 96 percent of the time.

He could support universal background checks, fund CDC research into our gun violence epidemic or close the gun show loophole. Yet our students cower in classrooms in the same state.

He could speak out against Trump's horrifying policy of separating small children from asylum-seeking mothers' arms, yet those traumatized families continue in the same state.

He could sign the DACA Discharge Petition and not hide behind a committee to avoid helping the "Dreamers" in his district, yet these young adults continue undocumented in the same state.

He could meet with his constituents to hear our concerns. He yet continues in the same state.

Let's stop this madness and vote Betsy Dirksen Londrigan this November.