Letter to the Editor | Cut governmental units in Illinois

Letter to the Editor | Cut governmental units in Illinois

There is the political right and left, both groups well known for their opposite political viewpoints. Then, regarding the issue of high property tax, there is common sense, which neither group seems to want to use.

A major contributor to the very high property tax in Illinois is the excessive and unnecessary amount of governmental units, by far the highest amount of any state in the U.S. In addition to the offices themselves, there is almost always a supporting administrative staff that is paid for by taxpayer money, usually in the form of property taxes.

This hidden form of unnecessary cost is like a lead weight in the form of high property taxes on the citizens of Illinois and is driving many people to other states where governmental units and property taxes are much lower.

And it can be resolved simply if both parties, instead of finger pointing and doing nothing, get together and admit the problem, bite the bullet and modernize our state and local governments.